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Abercrombie Caves


Views of the ArchwayViews of the famous ABERCROMBIE ARCHWAY.
The largest natural Arch in Limestone in the Southern Hemisphere
Views of the ArchwaySnow doesn't fall very often at Abercrombie Caves, and when it does it rarely settles because the bottom of the valley is below the snow line. On Tuesday 21st June 2011 it began snowing at the caves at about 1.30pm. Over the next hour or so the snow settled on the valley floor and stayed until the next day. The first time this has happened in at least 27 years! Take a look!

On 23rd June 2012, the Denizens of Ethos Medieval Combat group held their annual Tornament at Abercrombie Caves. One of the more unusual events to take place here.
Barry and Lyn Cubitt Retired after nearly 30 years at Abercrombie Caves in 2014. Here are three photos taken at their Retirement Party.

Visitors Album 1Some of the best views of the famous ABERCROMBIE ARCHWAY that we have seen. Presented by D & I Bridges
When the Collishaw family from Victoria visited they captured some interesting views including several shots of Bats flying around during the Bushrangers Tour.
Some excellent views of the Reserve and rugged cave entrances by Helen Webb

The Rudge and Paine families have been regular campers for over 30 years. Here are some great photos of them sharing their camp with the wildlife!
Richard Sollorz is an avid photographer. He took these great photos during a visit in August 2012, and he has placed them on his own website. Here are a few samples from his visit
When Sharon Wormleaton visited in September 2013 she captured several great images of the caves and some excellent close-ups of the lyrebirds
These photos were sent in by Emily Mitchell from her visit in October 2013

A Public School Band visited in October 2015. They played their instruments on the Dance Floor and went on a guided tour of the Caves.

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